Three Cedars Day Spa is CLOSED and the business name, domain, spa equipment, and furniture are for sale by owner. Please call Carmen at 360-280-0888.

Three Cedars Day Spa is CLOSED and the business name, domain, spa equipment, and furniture are for sale by owner. Please call Carmen at 360-280-0888.

The office space is leased. Sale of business assets does NOT include the land or office building.



What Our Clients Have Said About Three Cedars Day Spa:
These are unedited, unsolicited reviews from some of our happy clients who were kind enough to share their experience with you. The reviews below are genuine. No gifts were offered or given in exchange for any review. It is a disingenuous and quite unethical practice for spas to offer freebies or special discounts in exchange for posting positive reviews. 

Word-of-mouth advertising is a POWERFUL marketing tool for small businesses.. In this economy, I am particularly grateful to have such a kind and thoughtful clientele as these great folks who took the time to post a review and share their experience at Three Cedars Day Spa. The "buzz" you create by sharing your spa experience and recommending Three Cedars Day Spa to your family and friends on Facebook and social media helps sustain my spa business, and I thank you! 

Feel free to email additional comments and suggestions directly to me at
Cheers! ~Carmen    


by DianeR| March 10, 2010
"I had a great experience at this spa, it was lovely inside and Cameren was very professional, courteous and provided great service. I felt very relaxed and welcome the whole time. The spa itself felt very cozy and homey. I would recommend this spa to anyone looking for one in the area, I can't wait to go back!"


by JenniferH | February 13, 2010
"I was given a half spa day from my husband for Valentine's Day and it was fantastic!!! The spa atmosphere was relaxing and Carmen was very professional. This was the most wonderful spa experience I have ever had!...Thanks Carmen! I will definitely recommend and refer as much as possible!"


by Sydna| January 18, 2009
"Don't really need to say anymore than it was WONDERFUL! I have already booked my 2nd massage. I also intend to try out several items on her Spa Menu. Carmen was great. The facility is warm, inviting and very comfortable. Plenty of off-street parking Thanks Carmen!" 

Holy heck yes! :)

by Spunky| October 12, 2008
"I about two/three weeks ago received a gift certificate from the wonderful lady below (Happilycared4) as a birthday gift. The statement I'm about to say is a very true story :) It was like i went to heaven for a whole hour! Carmen was absolutely wonderful, she is so darn darling! I felt like a Queen! The choices of music was very pleasant as well as the sent of the oils. I would without any hesitation recommend Three Cedar Day Spa to ANYONE! Thank you Carmen for a very luxurious experience!" 

Just what I was looking for!!

by happilycared4 | September 30, 2008 
"I received a ___ gift certificate and in reading reviews about Carmen I new what I could expect and I was very pleased. A very warm and inviting atmosphere, very private setting, personalized care, educating and a wonderful massage from Carmen. I suffered a back injury so I really needed this. I've since purchased a gift certificate for a family member and I myself can't wait to see her again. Thank you so much Carmen!!" 


by Sara13| July 2, 2008
"It was the most relaxing experience I have ever had at a spa. I have received massages in the past where the person talked non-stop (sometimes it seemed just to hear themselves talk!) This time she didn't talk unless I initiated conversation, and we did have nice conversation when I did. It was so relaxing and refreshing! I left feeling rejuvenated and relaxed and blissful all at the same time! Definitely would recommend to a friend or family member--- sending mom there for her birthday!!!"


by SRD2002| June 25, 2008
"I love Carmen and her business. She is so professional, yet at the same time acts like she could be one of your best friends. I went in for a Brazilian wax after I had a bad experience somewhere else. She explained everything and the reasoning behind it, and was so gentle which is hard with that spa service!!! I liked her so much I ended up getting a massage right after because she had some open time. I can't praise her enough, and I can't put how wonderful it was into words...its just something you have to do:) She will do anything to make you feel comfortable including tailoring the treatment to you personally. I would visit her over and over and over if I could:)" 

The rockstar treatment
by starzveronica | February 25, 2008 
"I had the ultimate spa experience. I walked out of Three Cedars feeling like a hollywood celebrity. Carmen is nurturing and took care of every detail. I love the fact that its in a private setting, I felt like the whole place was all for me and to top it off; Carmen catered and treated me like royalty."

by RachaelN | February 10, 2008
"My visit to Three Cedars Day Spa was absolutely amazing. I usually don't get many massages, but this visit will change that! I loved the way that everything was explained to me and why she was doing what she was doeing. The atmosphere was one of a kind. I also love the fact that it isn't a chain of spas. Carmen individialized my visit personal to me. It was unique, personal and very laid back. I am going to recommend this to all of my friends and definately will be back."

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